Psalms 77:11

Become devoted
to the One.


Devoted keeps track of your prayers, devotionals, blessings and all bible passages you want to remember. Focus on Jesus and never lose sight of your journey with Him. It is time to become devoted to the One.

Little nudges from the Holy Spirit, words of wisdom and kind gestures are all connected to shape the bigger picture. Having the ability to look back on the things God has said to you and the ways in which He answered your prayers really builds your faith and helps you strengthen your relationship with Him.

Start using Devoted today and create a clear and encouraging overview filled with notes, pictures and voice recordings about your daily walk with Jesus. Devoted keeps it all in one place, so you can focus on what really matters: becoming devoted to the One.

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We believe that when people engage with God and devote themselves to Him, lives will be changed.

Your partnership empowers our team to carry out the mission of helping people to focus on Jesus and never lose sight of their journey with Him. Your donation will enable us to keep developing the Devoted app, for Apple, Android and Desktop. New features may be added in the future and we will continue to use our resources to bless others. With your help we can reach more people and together we’ll be devoted to the One. Thank you for partnering with, and praying for us.